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ONe Rad Latina is an interdisciplinary visual artist who brings a unique perspective to her work as an Indigenous Taino Neurodiverse Latina, born and raised in New York City.

With a background in both the physical and digital art worlds, her work spans various mediums and styles, with a focus on painting, figurative abstraction, social commentary, and graffiti.

In the physical art world, ONe Rad Latina has exhibited her work in galleries and museums, and has been the recipient of numerous grants and public commissions. Her work in the Web3 space began in 2021, where she has been exploring the contrasts between the past and the present through her digital art.

ONe Rad Latina explores a range of themes in her work, but her primary focus is on the intersection of her Indigenous Taino heritage, her experiences as a Neurodiverse Latina, and her urban upbringing. Her paintings are often figurative abstractions that convey social commentary and draw inspiration from graffiti, exploring the relationship between the personal and the political.

ONe Rad Latina continues to push the boundaries of her practice, and her work is a testament to the rich and dynamic perspectives that come from embracing one's identity and heritage. Her work is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art and the intersection of cultures, technology, and identity.

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Did You Go To Art School?

No, I am self taught.

Do you incorporate AI in your art?

Yes, I do use AI in my art. I find that incorporating technology and specifically AI into my practice allows me to expand the possibilities of my work and add new layers of meaning. I am inspired by the way AI can mimic and subvert natural processes, and I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and algorithms to create unique and unpredictable results. I believe that by using AI, I am able to create art that reflects the contemporary world we live in, and challenges traditional notions of what is considered "art"

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