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La Cultura

ONe Rad Latina

Multi Disciplinary Visual Artist

Artist Statement

ONe Rad Latina

Rooted in my Taino and Afro-Caribbean heritage, my art is a visual exploration of identity, unity, and cultural belonging. I employ a diverse range of mediums - print, graffiti, and digital work - to create a vibrant dialogue that transcends traditional artistic boundaries.
My print work is a testament to the tactile nature of art, each piece a tangible connection to my cultural roots. The graffiti styles I incorporate are a nod to the urban landscapes that have shaped me, their bold and provocative nature echoing in my creations. My digital work, meanwhile, represents the marriage of tradition and technology, a fusion that allows me to push the boundaries of artistic expression.
Each medium offers a unique voice, a distinct texture that adds depth to my narrative. My art is not just a visual expression, but a conversation starter that challenges norms and sparks introspection and discovery.
I extend my vision into realms of possibilities, creating worlds that invite viewers to engage, connect, and grow. I believe in the transformative power of art, its ability to weave new narratives, promote understanding, and leave lasting cultural imprints.
My mission is to inspire, to provoke thought, and to challenge the status quo.
I see my art as a vessel for social change, a platform to voice the unspoken, and a bridge that connects us all. Through my work, I hope to ignite a spark in the younger generation, lighting the path to a more understanding and inclusive world.

ONe Rad Latina Store

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Free Art For Palestine

free Palestina

Download and print free art and protest signs for Palestine!


Get to know ONe Rad Latina, a New York City native and self taught Multi-disciplinary artist


Read all news articles or press releases related to ONe Rad Latina and her work.


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Commission ONe Rad Latina for one of a kind art available for personal, corporate gifts or commercial use.


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Acquire unique digital pieces created by ONe Rad Latina for the blockchain with Ethereum, Tezos, or USD, and own a part of the future of art.

Make art with ONe


Generate amazing graffiti pop art style images with an AI modeled on ONe Rad Latina's art!

Machine Learning

Free AI resources for artists.

Web 3


Free educational resources to help artists navigate web 3.

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